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NCFSE was started in May 2005 in Attingal, Trivandrum. The people behind it were Mr. Binu and Mrs. Pushpa. Mr. Binu was a safety Engineer and a great visionary, while Mrs. Pushpa was an experienced administrative head of various concerns.

Our mission is to train Safety Professionals at its best.

In today’s highly competitive world only the professionally qualified and competent candidates stand a chance of making it to the top. Hence what course to study and the advantages of selecting a particular course should be carefully studied before taking a decision.

  •  Does the course guarantee you a job?
  •  What is the remuneration you can hope to get?
  • The job prospects abroad? and the status

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Fire & Safety is the branch of engineering that deals with the designing, installation, servicing and maintenance of fire protection systems. In short we can say understanding the science of fire and its control measures through various associated engineering subjects.

Whichever way you look at it, Fire and Safety Engineering course as a career option has immense potential in India and abroad. The rapid growth of industrialization in developing as well as developed countries has created a huge demand for professionally qualified, trained persons. Numerous hi-tech production plants in all countries are committed to ensure hundred percent safety precautions.

As a result of which professionals well versed in Fire and Safety engineering is in great demand. When compared with the other professional courses the advantage of this particular course is the short duration, affordable fee and the tremendous job opportunities that come with it.

Your Passport to the gulf
The Gulf countries are today the largest employer of Fire & Safety professionals Safety professionals with the world’s largest oil refineries ,the world’s largest oil storage and wide  range of multi-storied constructions of buildings and hi-tech industries. The area is one of the most fire prone zones in the world. Hence the demand for safety professionals are very high. The largest presence of hi-tech fire protection systems are also in the Gulf, which in turn opens up immense potential for professional well versed in designing, installing and maintenance of this systems. There are tremendous opportunities in all countries also, as they are having very strict rules and high standards in the area of fire and safety people say ‘Yes’ to NCFSE
But Why do NCFSE?
Our commitment is to help our students to excel in their area of expertise and knowledge in a country which need their services. We not only train them but also assist them in placement abroad and in India.
NCFSE is functioning with the aim of tapping the immense job potential in the field of Fire & Safety. Being a relatively unexploited field the need for a good institute with trained and experienced faculties were long overdue. NCFSE was born to fill this gap. The courses are designed to ensure that a student passing out of this college is well versed in the field.